Saturday, 21 January 2023

Sending automatic birthday wishes on WhatsApp

Here is an example of how it can be done: Register for a WhatsApp Business API account. Create a new project in the WhatsApp Business API, and obtain the necessary credentials such as the Account SID and Auth Token. 
Bulu Pradhan

Create a new Blogger page and embed an HTML form that allows users to input their WhatsApp number and date of birth. Use the WhatsApp Business API to send a message to the user's WhatsApp number on their birthday.

This script uses the requests library to send messages to the WhatsApp Business API. It uses a dictionary to store the names and dates of birth of the employees. It then uses a while loop to continuously check the current date against the dates of birth in the employees list, and sends a message wishing the employee a happy birthday if it's their birthday, 

The script sleeps for a day between each check so that it doesn't continuously check for birthdays throughout the day. It's important to note that this code is a basic example and you should also be aware of the limitations of WhatsApp Business API and also the requirement of obtaining a phone number that is approved by WhatsApp to send messages. You should also be aware of the privacy and GDPR regulations.