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Basics of Excel

Basics of Excel

• identify the basics of Excel worksheet

• recognize the importance of Excel

• use Excel to enter data. 

Excel or Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet is an electronic document in which data is arranged in rows and columns. It is in the form of a grid and is used for calculations.

Features of a Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet provides flexibility, speed, and accuracy. Many features and functions are built into it making it

easy to use. Microsoft Excel is widely used to make data and tables for official and personal use. Spreadsheets are used for a variety of tasks, such as:

• maintaining records

• analyzing data

• creating MIS (management information system) reports

• generating graphs (for a pictorial representation of data)

• financial calculations

• budgeting.

This is the icon for spreadsheets or Excel.

Basics of Excel
1. Locating Microsoft Excel

i. Click Start. 

ii. From the sub-menu point to Microsoft Excel.

Basics of Excel

Microsoft Excel worksheet has the following components:

Worksheet – a grid of horizontal rows and vertical columns. The worksheet is also called an array of cells.

Workbook– contains one or more worksheets.

Column – a vertical arrangement of cells. The columns are named by letters of the English alphabet.

Row – a horizontal arrangement of cells. The rows are named by numbers.

Cell Address – identifies the location of the cell. It is a combination of column name and row number of the cell, such as A1 or B3, etc.

Cell – the intersection of the rows and columns. It may contain text, number, date or a formula. It is the fundamental

element of a worksheet. This is where numbers or text are entered.

Formula Bar – located below the Ribbon. It displays the contents of the active cell. It can also be used to enter and edit data.

Ribbon – contains multiple tabs, each with several groups of commands. These tabs are used to perform the most common tasks in Excel.

Basics of Excel

2. Functions commonly used in Microsoft Excel are:

1. creating a new document

2. formulae

3. font, bold, alignment

4. sheet tabs

5. cut, copy, paste

6. deleting column content

7. saving a new document

8. printing a document.

3. Creating a new Excel document

Click on the start button on your computer. From the menu, click on Microsoft Excel and a new worksheet will

open. This is a blank worksheet. Use the mouse and keyboard to navigate and work on the worksheet. However,

using the keyboard is much faster and a better solution.

Basics of Excel

Make note of marks scored by the students in their exams. A sample is given here:

As you can see in the sheet, in column A we have the students’ names. Columns B, C, D, E, F are marked for the

subjects. Similarly, Row 2 has the Names of the students. Subject names are written in Row 2. The marks will appear on the right side under each particular subject.

4. Choosing Font, Font Size, Alignment and modifying using Bold, Italics or Underline

Like Microsoft Word, the font type, font size of the document can be changed in MS-Excel too.

The alignment of the words in a cell to Left, Right or Center-aligned can also be changed. Similarly, a word can be made bold or underlined. These functions are found in the ribbon of the worksheet on the top.

Basics of Excel
For example, we can change the Name of the students to bold, all the marks can be centrally aligned and the heading can be underlined.
Basics of Excel

Only Ritika’s marks are centrally aligned and the marks of all other students are still on the right side of the cells.
Basics of Excel
5. Now that you have understood what is Microsoft Excel is and its uses, you have to enter the following data to make an order list for Shreya’s Cake Shop.
Renu’s birthday on 12/3/2019. Party at Shreya’s cake shop terrace at 7:00 PM. The number of people is 35. Food
items to be served - Cake, Pastry, Samosa. Total advance paid-Rs. 5000. The total amount for the party - Rs. 15000.
Amir’s birthday on 13/3/2019. Deliver cake to the home address provided. Advance paid-Rs. 200. Total
cost - Rs. 500.
John’s party on 16/3/2019. Party at Shreya’s cake shop at 3:00 PM. Food items to be served - Cake, Pastry,
Samosa. Advance paid - nil. The total amount for the party - Rs. 6,000. The number of people expected at the party is 10.
a. Create a new Excel sheet on the computer.
b. Enter the above data in the format given:


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