Saturday, 24 December 2022

Basic Components of Windows

 There are three basic components of windows, which are as follows,

  •  The DESKTOP 
  •  The ICON 
  •  The WINDOW 

Desktop Image 


This is the initial screen displayed by the Windows operating system right after booting. It contains all essential icons on its left corner and taskbar at the lower portion of the desktop. 

The Taskbar 

This is the bar that is placed at the bottom area of the DESKTOP. It contains the start button at the left most corner, the 


The pictorial representation of any file, folder, and program is called an ICON, For example, This PC, My Networks, Recycle Bin, etc.

The Window

This is a rectangular portion that contains an application 


The window is the rectangular portion or a frame that contains any file, folder, or program on it. A typical window may contain the following elements, 
  • Title Ba
  • Menu Bar 
  • Scroll Bar 
  • Status Bar

Title Bar 

This is the bar that contains the name or title of a file, folder, or program. It also contains window management buttons like minimize, maximize/restore and close at its rightmost corner, It contains a quick access toolbar and control menu icon on its left corner. 

The window has 3 states, which are as follows, 
  • Original State 
  • Maximized state or fit to screen state 
  • Minimized state 

Controlling or working with window 

Here controlling means restoring, minimizing, maximizing, closing, sizing, and moving the window. To open the control menu we can click on the control menu icon from the title or can press Alt+space


This option helps to keep the window in its original state. To do restore press Alt+space+r from
the keyboard


Click on the restore button on the mouse


Double Click on the title bar to restore the window


This option lets you physically move the window around the desktop. To do this task press Alt+space+m from the keyboard. 

The start pointer will appear on the title bar. Then with the help of arrow keys move the window. After moving press enter key to fix it.


Place the pointer at the title bar than using the drag and drop system to move the window.


This will change the size of the window. With the help of the keyboard press Alt+apace+. Then use
arrow keys to change the size of the window and finally press the enter key to fix it.


Place the mouse pointer at any edge of the window then using the drag and drop system to change the size of the window. and after changing the release button from the mouse.


This will keep the window in its minimized state on the taskbar. To do this operation press 
Alt + Space +n.                           


Click on the minimize button 


This will keep the window in its maximized or fit-to-screen state. To maximize any window press ALT+SPACE+X 


Click on the maximize button. 


Double click on the title bar. Close the window. Press ALT+SPACE+C OR ALT +F4 OR ALT+F+Xx 


Click on the close button from the title bar.


Double click on the control menu icon

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